Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Folding Sidewalk Sign with Gemini Letters

The ultimate in portable, changeable sign messaging, the Gemini Sidewalk Sign is ideal for temporary messages. It’s an efficient and cost-effective way for businesses, schools or churches to promote short-term messages whether it is a weekly promotion or a one-day only sale. Gemini Sidewalk Signs are a call to action that have the power to turn a passerby into a customer.

Made from recycled high-density polyethylene, Gemini Sidewalks signs measure 46" x 25-1/4" and are designed with regressed faces that allows panels of changeable copy, preprinted message panels, vinyl inserts, or writing boards with chalk or markers. Built-in handles + port that allows for filling with sand to add stability, combined with wheels to ensure ease of mobility.

No rough edges, no splinters, and no rust – Gemini Sidewalk signs are not only durable, but attractive as well. They’ll help a
message stand out.

If the changeable sign option is chosen, like all Pronto Modern letters, the letters will have a lifetime warranty against failure. And, the big advantage is that should you need a few letters, you can purchase ONLY the letters you want. You do not have to purchase a WHOLE letter set like the other changeable sidewalk signs.
Question on this sidewalk sign or any others, visit the SignsSeen site!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What changeable letters do I need?

I received this email today, and this is the reply I gave:

I am looking into getting a new set of letter for my sign. I am having trouble figuring out what size letters I need. My letters are about 9” high and 3.75” wide. Could you please send me a quote?


I would be glad to help, but a couple of more questions...

How thick are your letters? Are they flexible or rigid plastic? Are the letters 8 inches and the sign panel about 9 inches? The standard is Black Letters with Red Numbers. Is this also what you wanted?

Very likely, it is the condensed letters available on this link:

If there are further questions, please let me know.



Friday, October 1, 2010

Tech Support Software and Documents

We are in the process of uploading a variety of PDF documents, software and drivers to our site on Google.

SignsSeen Tech Support Site

We would welcome any suggestions that might be available. Google does not allow ZIP or EXE files, so we are creating a link from within a Google Doc to these files....unless someone has a better idea.

And, if it is a low-tech sign without software or much documentation, we will still sell that, too.

Just visit: