Thursday, November 11, 2010

New QLA XL Sign NOW Available

Now that the elections are over it is now time to focus on sidewalk sign with the Christmas season already starting. Even with the questionable state of the economy and many retailers worried about the holidays the changeable sidewalk signs offer the most cost effective way to build store traffic and increase sales. For stores with a limited budget these signs offer the biggest bang for the buck, especially if they use our larger format 'XL' signs with 50% more impact.

With the exclusive Grip-Tip-Roll technology that eliminates lifting and carrying customers can simple roll the sign in or out through any doorway while staying clean and dry even when the sign isn't. No other sign offers our combination of looks, ease of use, versatility and affordability, as well as visual impact and portability.

Other questions? We have LOTS of other signs to meet your sign needs! Visit SignsSeen and contact us!