Friday, December 17, 2010

Build your own Black Sign and save LOT$ on $hipping!!

Changeable Sign Track for Black Sign Letters - 8 ft Lengths

What if you want a custom size sign for your black sign letters? What if you don't have the money in your budget for shipping? Now, you can easily buy the track and a set of letters. Buy plywood locally, and soon you will have an all season sign to promote your business/ church/ organization!
  • Each piece of track is 8 feet long.
  • Each piece of track has a groove on the top and bottom to help secure your letters on the sign face.
  • The plastic is made from plastic that is designed to be used outdoors in COLD and HOT climates.
  • Make sure to buy ONE more track than the number of lines you want to make. (i.e. If you are making a 4 line sign, make sure you you have 5 tracks to secure all rows on the TOP and BOTTTOM)
  • Consider getting a sign jig to make sure you set your track up with the right spacing. Otherwise, you start in the middle of the sign, and work your way out.
  • The track can be used with any size letters (If we don't see it on the website, we can make custom sizes). However, for maximum visibility, we recommend letters of 8 inches or greater. And, if you choose to pair up 8 inch letters and 16 inch letters, they can fit on the same sign! (the same for 10 inch and 20 inch letters) The bigger letter goes in the upper track, and then it "jumps" a track (see image above). So, you can "grab" your customers attention with the bigger letters. Depending on your industry, this might be words like: "SALE", "FREE", "LIVE", "SPECIAL" or "ONLY". And, once you have their attention, you can use the smaller letters to provide more detail. Call and we can help you determine the letters to best meet your needs!!
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