Thursday, January 27, 2011

New & Improved Case on Solar Powered LED Sign Cases

New Design Makes Sign EVEN Better
The Solar Powered LED signs already had a 5 year warranty, but now the sign is even better!! The improvement are in the diagram above. If you want a closer look at each of the improvements, see them on SignsSeen's Facebook Fan page.

Indoor Single Line LED Chart on SignsSeen

The Sidewalk Comparison chart has already helped a few customers. And, the single line LED chart is now available to help you understand the signs and the accessories available for your sign.

And, if you don't see it there, we will either help you find it, or tell you where else you can buy it!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Difference in PCB Boards in your LED sign

Do you own an LED sign? You may not want to take the cover off!! I have posted a few pictures on my Facebook Fan page to make sure you don't always think all of the LED signs are the same.

My supplier provides his view on the different types of PCB boards that are available, and you will have to forgive his bias....

And, if you have any other sign or LED questions, contact us at SignsSeen....

Friday, January 14, 2011

Plastic A-Frame with Erasable Face

I recently had a customer who was running into the need to spend some money at the end of the year. And, they knew the type of sign they wanted.

They wanted a sign with these features:
  • A frame style
  • Plastic construction
  • An face that would allow waterproof messages to be written.
Unfortunately, there was not a supplier that had this exact solution. So, we ordered in the product and created the sign pictured above. The plastic a-frame sign came from Gemini. And, the faces were the faces used on the WOWO signs.

The small challenge:

The sign frame allowed for a 24" x 36" face that was about 1/8" thick. Our sign material was close to 1/4" thick (10 mil). The sign frame had small "bump-ups" around the face to hold the thinner panels in place. And, our 10 mil panel would not easily fit in the sign space with these "bump-ups".


The local shop I work out of makes the Black Signs and Velcro Changeable Banners. They have all of the necessary tools to easily cut 5 mil coroplast. And, although the 10 mil coroplast took more work, the removal of about 1/2" from both the length and the width allowed the WOWO faces to fit on the sign face. Once the faces fit, a deck screw and washer were used to attach the faces to the sign frame at all 4 corners. The original sign box was reused as the signs, faces and markers were shipped on to the customer.

Bottom Line:

SignsSeen prefers to work through its suppliers to provide a custom solution. But, as in this case, if it isn't possible, we will get the job done for you.

Let us know your sign needs!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Comparison Chart Arrives at SignsSeen

We are afraid this new feature is going to limit the phone calls we get!!

Often, there are the phone calls, "I can't find this product.". Now, with this (and others charts coming later) chart, customers can easily compare sidewalk sign styles and sidewalk sign types in an easily navigate-able table. And, if the type of sign does not exist, they will see a "N/A" in that spot.

We look forward to any feedback and suggestions for other charts that would help you understand the products available on SignsSeen!