Friday, January 14, 2011

Plastic A-Frame with Erasable Face

I recently had a customer who was running into the need to spend some money at the end of the year. And, they knew the type of sign they wanted.

They wanted a sign with these features:
  • A frame style
  • Plastic construction
  • An face that would allow waterproof messages to be written.
Unfortunately, there was not a supplier that had this exact solution. So, we ordered in the product and created the sign pictured above. The plastic a-frame sign came from Gemini. And, the faces were the faces used on the WOWO signs.

The small challenge:

The sign frame allowed for a 24" x 36" face that was about 1/8" thick. Our sign material was close to 1/4" thick (10 mil). The sign frame had small "bump-ups" around the face to hold the thinner panels in place. And, our 10 mil panel would not easily fit in the sign space with these "bump-ups".


The local shop I work out of makes the Black Signs and Velcro Changeable Banners. They have all of the necessary tools to easily cut 5 mil coroplast. And, although the 10 mil coroplast took more work, the removal of about 1/2" from both the length and the width allowed the WOWO faces to fit on the sign face. Once the faces fit, a deck screw and washer were used to attach the faces to the sign frame at all 4 corners. The original sign box was reused as the signs, faces and markers were shipped on to the customer.

Bottom Line:

SignsSeen prefers to work through its suppliers to provide a custom solution. But, as in this case, if it isn't possible, we will get the job done for you.

Let us know your sign needs!

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