Thursday, March 3, 2011

OPEN Chart Shows Open Sign Options

Do your customer know you are OPEN? Consider adding an "OPEN" sign to the front of your business. This Open Sign chart shows you that they come in LED, NEON, Simulated NEON, and just "backlit" Let us know of questions.

Pedestrian Crossing Decal for Bollards

Pedestrian Crossing Decal for Bollards

Flexpost's newest offering is a flexible "Ped-Xing" bollard that is available in either 52" or 72" lenghts with a 7" diameter.

The pedestrian crossing FlexBollard is the perfect tool to make drivers aware of the potential hazards of crossing foot traffic.

Like all FlexBollards, these will install in minutes with no special tools. They can be installed on concrete, asphalt or natural ground.

The colorful covers are guaranteed not to crack or break and the decals are guaranteed not to fade over time.