Thursday, September 1, 2011

Building Your Own Outdoor Changeable Sign

Often I will get calls from customers who want to buy a large sign face to make their own sign.  After we discuss the modification they will need to make to the sign face to support it (let alone the shipping cost), we often come to a point where they are VERY receptive to building their own sign.  And, hopefully, after reading this, you can have the knowledge of eavesdropping on one of those conversations.

Black Signs:

What you'll need:

  1. After the sign face is cut tot he proper dimensions, the face should be painted.
  2. Put the first track in the middle (or whatever location fits your lettering scheme)  Confirm the track is level by putting down a chalk line or whatever other method you are comfortable with.
  3. To attach the track you can use staples or screws or whatever else you are comfortable with using.
  4. For the additional pieces of track, you can use the letters as a "jig" to make sure spacing is correct.  Or, a jig can also be purchased to be used for the same purpose.
  5. If you are creating a sign face with 4 rows, then 5 pieces of track will be necessary.  (The top and bottom pieces of track will only be used on one side, but the middle three pieces will be used on both sides.)
  6. This is the typical letter recommendations I give:  If you are a company that wants your sign to grab your customers attention, order two sets of 8 inch letters.  (220 total)  And, then choose the "key" words you would use to grab customers like "FREE", "SALE" and whatever else is appropriate for your company.  Make sure you order TWO sets of the keywords if you have a double-sided sign.  Pink and Yellow are the most common colors ordered.  But, white, orange/red, and green are also available.
  7. This is a rough guideline, I will be glad to answer any questions you may have about building/ordering your own sign.


Clear Track

  • Track - both 030 and 060 track available (Track is available for Gemini letters, but due to varying lengths available, please call)
  • Letters - match 030 letters or 060 letters to the same type of track
  • Sign Face - a variety of sign material will work for this.  It depends on a variety of factors:  indoor or outdoor, sign face color, and, of course, availability.  Coroplast can be a good choice.
The above method pretty accurately describes the method used for this track.  However, if indoors, gluing the track to the sign face might work fine.  If outdoors, then screws or pop-rivets would be the best choice.

Still questions?  Let me know, and we will help with all of your sign building questions.

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