Friday, September 23, 2011

Programming Services for LED Scrolling Signs

Multi Color Scrolling LED Sign

Often when a scrolling LED sign is ordered, the biggest concern is being able to program the sign.  Most of the signs do come with a remote, but often programming with a computer is really the only practical way to do the programming.

Through the end of the year, the SignsSeen family of sites will offer the programming of ONE free message onto your sign.  The specifics follow:

Minimum Quantity: 1 Unit
Maximum Characters: 100 Characters
Product Series: Formula, Basica, Ultimate, Dable

Project: Multiple Units / Identical Programming
Minimum Quantity: 10 Units
Maximum Characters: 150 Characters
Product Series: Formula, Basica, Ultimate, Dable

Note: For Multiple Units, we can take the video and send it by email to confirm the programmed message.  However, we can only change it maximum of 3 times.

Interested in this service?  Want to find out more, give us a call or email us.

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