Saturday, October 22, 2011

It keeps you on your toes....

The fall can sometimes be a challenging time of year when selling signs on-line.  And, this week had its normal ups and down.  If problems are going to happen, it might as well happen on one of these weeks.  And, unfortunately, this week chose to be accommodating....

  1. My virtual 800 number company was purchased:  I have been using for a number of years.  It allows my staff and I to work even though separated by 1200 miles.  Earlier in the week, the phone calls did not seem to be making it to me when my staff "pointed" the 800 back to my line.  And, I just attributed it to a "whoops".  But, when it happened again Tuesday, and when customers emailed and complained of odd phone noises, it seemed something needed to be done.  And, after tracking down the new company, eVoice, the issue did get resolved.  Yes, I gave an ear full, and yes, I pointed out an email on Wednesday saying, "Welcome to eVoice" was a bit presumptuous.  Because, I also stated how I did NOT want to be welcomed, I liked what I had before.  Hopefully, the rest of the relationship will be smooth.  Change is good.
  2. Websites with databases down:  Fortunately, this waited until Saturday (now) to happen.  When ever a message is display that states anything like this, "Unable to connect to database server!", you know it is a very BAD thing.  My consultant is not available on weekends, so I am relying on the technical support of the hosting company to pull this together for me.  He has promised me that if I am patient, a directory can be moved and ALL issues will be resolved.  And, based on the Rangers game on the radio (down 6-3), the Rangers need all of the support I can provide.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Attaching Signs to a Chain Link Fence

Sometimes a website is a good place to sell certain products, and sometimes it is not.  Well, that has been my excuse up to this point with the Sign Link product.  But, after my supplier keeps telling me they are a great product and I really should be selling more, I occasionally have to reevaluate my excuses.  And, this post is my attempt to do so.

Sign Link is a plastic injection part designed to install signs or other items to ANY grid sized chain link fencing. Chain Link  fencing is made in many grid sizes like  2.5”, 2.25, 2”, 1.75”, 1.5 and even 1”. The protrusions allow Sign Link to locate itself in the center of all the different grid sizes.   Sign Link is also used to install signs on sign channel posts, like stop signs. The round protrusions on the back side fit into the holes of the channel post to prevent it from turning while installation of signs.

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