Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Customizing your Magic Master Changeable Message Sign

As businesses are still trying to use their dollars more effectively to bring in MORE customers, they continue to want ideas as to how they can do this.  And, the Magic Master product line lends itself very easily to this.  The Magic Master product line consists of the Swingers, Springers, Tip 'n Rolls, & QLAs.   The biggest benefit of purchasing signs within the same "family" is the letters are interchangeable.  The 4 inch letters from one sign are the same as the 4 inch letters are on the other signs.  But, I lured you into this article with the promise of customizing....

The picture above is of the Deluxe QLA sign.  I have told many customers that purchasing a Deluxe Magic Master sign is a good start.  The deluxe sign panel is a sign panel that "jumps a track".  Instead of taking up one track space, it takes up 2 track spaces.  And, if a new Magic Master sign owner takes their deluxe sign panel to their local sign shop, he can tell the sign shop, "I want a panel just like this with my logo and phone number on it."  Even though the new panel will take up two slots, it allows extra info to be packed into a smaller area than it would be otherwise.  And, if your local sign shop does not have the blank Magic Master panels, they are available here.  These sign panels only will work for the 24 inch X 36 sign faces.

If you have a XL or Roadside Swinger Magic Master sign, you can also do the same type of customizing.  The blank panels are not available from the manufacturer, but your local sign shop should be able to provide these for you.  And, if the custom header is done correctly, it will bring some nice color to your sign and ensure that your sign catches the eyes of your would be customers.

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