Saturday, November 5, 2011

Guerilla Poles Now on SignsWork

Just started working with a new supplier.  They sell a "spinning sign" that has quite a few advantages over some of the other spinning signs out there:

  • Convenient out of the package and ready to go installation anyone can accomplish.
  • Reduces sign spinning fatigue and allows longer time periods of use per  employee with sustained eye-catching movements.
  • Reduces impact on the employee’s body, cutting down on risk of tendonitis, carpel tunnel, and other weight impacted repetitive motion injuries.  It will pay for itself immediately in workers compensation costs that would otherwise rise from the first injury.
  • Increases the size possibilities that can still accomplish the motions.  Larger and more effective signs are now possible. 
  • Eliminates learning curve as any employee can spin like a pro from the beginning.
  • Can be mounted in off-center positions to add wobbling effects to the spinning.
  • Combining with a longer pole will allow it to be risen above crowds and by mounting near the top of the sign will allow a swinging motion while maintaining upright orientation.
  • Allows the creative spinner to go from simple street corner advertising to a true street corner pole dance.  (hopefully they use someone attractive)
  • Included spin lock allows the sign to be stationary mounted in a ground base or flag pole holder to get effective use of advertising media even when there are no employees available to manually operate.
Interested?  Check out the newest addition to our website, the Guerilla Pole Spinning Sign!

Discounts available for multi-unit sales and for sign companies.

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