Monday, November 28, 2011

LED Sign + Windows 7 = Easy to set up

Unfortunately, even anti-virus software does not keep you from getting a virus.  And, a couple of weeks ago, this is what happened to me.  I did that fatal click that made my life chaotic for a few days.  And, when I got the computer back, I had a brand new clean version of Windows 7 installed on my computer.  Although this is good, it meant I had to reload ALL of my programs.  And, installing the programming software was somewhere near the end of the list.  And, as stated above, the software set up VERY easily!

  1. Although setting up the sign using the serial port has always been pretty easy, hardly anybody does this anymore.  That is why a USB-adapter is always included with all of the signs that hook up to a computer.
  2. After installing the Windows 7 driver for the USB, most of the hard part was done.
  3. I needed to make sure the port assigned within the software matched the port that was assigned when the USB driver was installed.  (Troubleshooting Guide)
  4. And, I had to right click on the LED programming program and run as administrator. 
  5. Once the cables were ALL connected and the sign was plugged in, I was programming messages with my Indoor LED sign pretty quickly. 
Yes, I know I may have some knowledge that made me skip a couple of steps, but REALLY it was quite easy to do.  Vista is a little tough, but Windows XP and Windows 7 should both go pretty smoothly.

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