Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Velcro Banner with Full Sheet of Velcro

We haven't talked about this much, but we are convinced that if we did, we would sell more of them!

We have sold velcro banners in the past that had the velcro attached in strips to the banner.  But, that prevents the letters from going on in angles.  AND, it limits the spacing on the banner.  Our new and improved banner removes all of those barriers.  The new velcro changeable banner has the WHOLE front of the banner covered in velcro.  And, whether you want 4, 8, or 12 letters, the banner can accommodate ALL of your curves and letter variations!

The letters are all on coroplast like the Black Sign products we also sell.  The coroplast color will match the banner face.  And, if velcro dots were put on the back of standard Black Sign letters, they would work perfectly fine on the banners as well.

Sound interesting?  Check out the full line.  Want something custom?  Give us a shout!

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