Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New LED Scrolling Name Tag Has Arrived!

The new LED scrolling name tag is now here!

At present the red name tag is the only one in stock, but as pictured above, other colors are available.  And, the biggest benefit, besides the easy programming on a Windows 7 computer, is the rechargeable battery.  These batteries will last up to 8 hours after being charged.  (The previous badges needed replacement batteries after 4-6 hours.)

Other features:

  • Holds 6 messages at one time, each message 140 characters long
  • High bright SMD type LED color
  • On board speed and brightness adjustment (8 speed and 8 brightness settings)
  • Magnetic connection on the back of the badge allows easy attachment
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Friday, December 9, 2011

Making your own 10" Letter Black Sign

After a customer who was building their own Black Sign for 10 and 20 inch Black Sign letters called, I had they send this picture. And, my email response follows:

After our call, I spoke to the manufacturer. With the smaller letters (8 inch and 16 inch on 4 mil coroplast), the letters can snap in. With the 10" and 20" which are on 5 mil coropolast, the track is just a "guide" to keep the letters straight. In the winter time, the letters are too cold to "snap" in. So, he recommends getting a small washer and screw for each letter. And, attaching the screw/washer to the top left corner of each 20" letter. The 20" letters will NOT be "snapped-in" at the top and bottom--only at the bottom. And, then at a minimum, on the 10" letters, the far left and right letters should have a screw in them to keep that row of letters from blowing off the sign face.

Interested in making your own sign?  Find the Black Sign track and letters here.

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

More info on new modular sign product, the MegaTile

This was a response to a customers email:

  • Are custom fonts available for an execution like this? If not, what font(s) are used? The manufacture said he will develop one custom font for you. If you want 16" or 18" or 21" for the 21 inch tall modules, he will develop one. Already, there is a 14", 12" and 7" font.
  • Can you customize or regulate the scrolling speed? Can you keep the letters static if needed? I have attached the programming guide to help with these questions.(If requested I can send to whoever is interested)
  • How wide is the seam between the panels? The manufacturer used the words "seamless". They edges do butt right up against each other with VERY minimal seam.
  • How are these usually hung? Are their places to drill or hang off hardware in the back of the panels? We only need the front side to be lit. There are bars on the back that customer can screw to the surface.
  • What are the time and usage limitations of these panels? Can they run non stop for weeks/months at a time without overheating or wearing out? The signs have a 3 year warranty. I know he honors this warranty. I had a customer in Canada who used the sign outdoors. And, one of the tiles went bad. The manufacturer stood behind the tile and replaced at no charge to the customer.

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