Friday, December 9, 2011

Making your own 10" Letter Black Sign

After a customer who was building their own Black Sign for 10 and 20 inch Black Sign letters called, I had they send this picture. And, my email response follows:

After our call, I spoke to the manufacturer. With the smaller letters (8 inch and 16 inch on 4 mil coroplast), the letters can snap in. With the 10" and 20" which are on 5 mil coropolast, the track is just a "guide" to keep the letters straight. In the winter time, the letters are too cold to "snap" in. So, he recommends getting a small washer and screw for each letter. And, attaching the screw/washer to the top left corner of each 20" letter. The 20" letters will NOT be "snapped-in" at the top and bottom--only at the bottom. And, then at a minimum, on the 10" letters, the far left and right letters should have a screw in them to keep that row of letters from blowing off the sign face.

Interested in making your own sign?  Find the Black Sign track and letters here.

Other questions?  Email us.

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