Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Swinger Gets New Look

The Swinger sign continues to be one of the most popular changeable sidewalk signs.  Despite its success, not much has changed with the Swinger sidewalk sign lately.  Well, that is until now!  Now, the Swinger Plus sign comes with the option of a changeable letter pack!  And, the letter choice isn't limited to just fluorescent yellow.

Although these are different Magic Master signs, the letters will work fine on the Swinger, too.

The bottom line is your sign must get the attention of those who WANT to be your customers.  And, the best way to do this is remove EVERY excuse that might prevent your customers from seeing your sign.  And, the brighter the sign---the BETTER!

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Friday, June 8, 2012

BLACK QLA with NEON Red Letters

It is VERY hard not to notice the NEW NEON Black QLA sign from SignsSeen!!  

The sign is still made by Magic Master, but the letters come from SignsSeen.  Although the sign cost more, the sign does have some great advantages over the traditional QLA Sign:
  1. The letters are only available from SignsSeen.  This is a unique product that is unlikely to be used by anyone else in your area.
  2. The letters come in Neon Red (above), Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Neon Green (coming soon) and white.
  3. Sometimes when new letters are needed, you would need to buy an entire letter set--not with the SignsSeen Fluorescent letters!  If you purchase a minimum of 20 letters, you can choose as many individual letters as you like.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New NEON Roadside Swinger Sign Available for Purchase

What has Fluorescent letters LOOKS like a Roadside Swinger sign and ships UPS?

It is the NEW NEON Black Roadside Swinger sign!!

  • The Fluorescent changeable letters come in red, yellow, and pink. (The top row of the sign above is red, yellow, and pink)  Neon green and white will be available soon.  
  • The sign assembles just like the Roadside Swinger sign manufactured by Magic Master.
  • EXCLUSIVELY from SignsSeen, the black Roadside Swinger face is available.
  • If you want a bigger sign, it has to ship on a truck.  This sign provides a VERY good value with a minimum shipping charge.
  • Two sets of letters come with the sign.  A third set is available for a discount at time of purchase.
  • Need a customer header?  Contact us about the size you are looking for.
  • Can you really live without a new Black Faced Roadside Swinger Sign with Fluorescent letters?
Questions?  Contact us!