Saturday, August 25, 2012

Options for Velcro Changeable Banner

Often I hear customers say how they often print banners and only use them once.  Once the event is completed, the banner is thrown away.  The obvious answer to sending these banners to an early death is a reusable banner.  We did not develop the first reusable banner, but we certainly believe our velcro changeable banner has some advantages over some of the other options out there.

  • Banner Backing:  Our banner is a FULL sheet of velcro.  There are NOT strips of velcro attached to the  banner.  The use of a full sheet allows the letters to be attached in whatever way the banner own wants.  The letters can be placed at an angle or straight across.  One disadvantage to this type of banner is if it is in an outdoor situation where it is excessively wet, it may be difficult for the banner backing to dry out.  We have not tested this extensively, but the full using of full sheet of banner backing certainly makes this more realistic than it would be if the velcro was attached in strips.  And, if this is the best option for a customer, we can also supply this other type of changeable banner.
  • Banner Colors:  Some of the other changeable banner products have only limited color choices.  Our changeable banner can come in the following:  White, Black, Chrome Blue, Dark Green, Navy Blue, Purple, & Red.  The black and white are the most popular.  And, the black velcro changeable banners REALLY standouts when the neon letters are used.
  • Letter Colors:  Each velcro changeable banner comes with a letter set.  Each letter in the letter set in has a backing.  And, for our custom banner, we use coroplast.  (see example of see below)  Since we use this backing, we can really do almost any color of letters.  As mentioned above, the black letters really show up well with the fluorescent letters.  Different colors of coroplast work well with different colors of vinyl.  (All of our letters are made of colored vinyl)  [See other examples]  Each set of letters consists of 110 letters/numbers/symbols.  
  • Banner Sizes:  Although the most commonly sold sizes are about 3 ft tall, the backing material allows the changeable banners to be as tall as 5 feet tall.  
  • Letter Sizes:  Although nearly any size is available, most of the letters are 8 inch letters.  For smaller banners, the letters may be 4 inch.  The big issue is making sure that the letters are not so small that they cannot be seen by the intended audience.
This is just a summary of some of the options available for a custom velcro banner.  Please contact us to find out what we can specifically do for your banner.

Black velcro banner with changeable letters

Black coroplast with neon letters

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Customizing A Black Sign

What ways can the Black Sign be customized?

I often receive calls from customer that want to create a "unique" sign.  They may be a rental company that wants a sign that can be uniquely their own.  Or, they want a sign that has the colors that are specific to their school/cause/company.  The hope of this posting is to help educate on what is available.  The posting below may apply to either our magnetic signs OR the black signs.  (Magnetic signs do NOT have track as an example)

Sign Stand:  Typically, the sign stands, if black, are just painted.  However, as request continue to come in for powder coating, we can certainly powder coat either the black or magnetic signs.  This would apply for the 4 ft X 6 ft or the 4 ft X 8 ft signs.  Because of the cost of powder coating, there is an additional charge for customizing the sign in this way.  The cost will be determined by the number of signs ordered.

Sign Faces/Panels:  Depending on customer needs, the sign face can match the size of the frame OR it can be a contrasting color.  The only issue is with the "standard" changeable letter sign.  The track used has been tested in both hot and cold environments.  And, this track only comes in black and white.  The white/black track can be mounted on the sign face -- whatever the color of the sign face.  Or, the sign track can be painted to match virtually any color that is necessary.  If the sign track is painted, the paint may chip off of the  sign letter track over time.  (The track issue does not apply to magnetic signs)

Letter Panels:  These are the panels that the vinyl letters are placed on  ALL of our letter panels are coropolast. (mostly 4 mil)  Coroplast comes in a variety of standard colors.  (Black, white, yellow, brown, red, light blue, dark blue, purple, and a few others)  If a customer wants a letter panel that is NOT a standard color.  The coroplast can be painted.  But, as noted with the letter track, chipping of the paint can occur over time.  (This is not an issue for magnetic signs--the magnetic signs come without a letter panel)

Letter Colors:  The color of the letters in only limited by the color of available vinyl colors out there.  The success of the black signs has been due to the bright fluorescent colors available.  (i.e. neon yellow, neon green, neon red, neon green, & neon orange)  The benefit of the neon colors is that they have been testing for a number of years.  Other colors will certainly work, but extreme weather conditions may fade the letters more quickly than the neon colors.  If the sign face is not black, the sign will not absorb as much heat.  Without the heat, other letter colors should still get very good wear.

Letter Sizes:   On the larger signs, there are standard sizes.  Typically, customers will get letters on 8 in panels (the actual height in 7 7/8 inches).  If larger letters are wanted, the 16 letters will fit in the same track configuration.  Also, a 10 inch letter can be used with 20 inch letters on the same track configuration.  If using magnetic signs, sign track is not an issue.  Letters can be any size the customer needs, but the larger the letters, the easier to read.  Usually 11 inch letters are used with 5.5 inch letters for the magnetic signs.

Special Black Sign Letter Characters:  These do not get much attention, but they can certainly add "eye-grabbing" value.  If you don't see one you want, let us know and we can design one for you.  Arrows are also available in a number of sizes.  Sometimes the sign is not as close to your business as you would like, and the arrow tells your customers where to look.

Of course, we welcome any of your comments or questions.  Please contact us!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Let Us Help You Build Your Changeable Letter Sign

Often we get phone calls from customer who want to buy a new sign.  They are sold on the sign, and then they find out the shipping cost.  And, the sign immediately goes out of their budget range.  Well, we could like to propose a solution.....

030 Changeable Letter Sign:  This is the cheapest sign you can make.

  • 030 Letters:  The key issue with these letters is the TWO measurements.  One measurement is the letter height and the other is the panel height.  Typically, the panel height is close to an inch taller than the letter height.  The standard colors are red letters with black numbers.  Other letter colors are available.  And, BOLD and Condensed are also options.  When ordering these letters, a FULL set needs to be purchased.  Individual letters are not available.  
  • 030 Track:  The track comes in 7.5 ft lengths.  If you want to make a sign with 5 rows of letters, you would need 6 pieces of track.  Each piece of track has a "top" and a "bottom".  One piece of track is the bottom for one row of letters, and the top row for the letter below it. 
  • Sign Board:  Their are many sign board options that could work for this type of sign, but the most common is attaching the track to a piece of painted plywood.  The track can be attached in a few ways:  using small screws, gluing, or even a staple gun.  You need to be careful with the track that it is not split if using too big of a screw.  After the track is attached, the plywood can be directly attached to the side of a building OR it could be mounted between 2 post.  (angle iron would make this process easier)  Putting track on coroplast and then attaching the sign face to an existing sidewalk sign (like a Plasticade sign) is also an option.
  • Options:  Not all customers want a large sign.  We have been selling a large number of sign hinges lately.  When the sign hinges are ordered, they are often ordered as a kit that includes the hinge, sign feet, and "T-nuts".  
060 Changeable Letter Signs:  The letters are more expensive than the 030 signs, but the thicker letters are less likely to blow out of your sign.

  • 060 Letters:  Fewer options available in colors and sizes.  The most common is the 8" Black Letter (red number) on a 9" letter panel.
  • 060 Track:  This track NEEDS to be used with this type of letter.  It is also 7.5 feet long.  Otherwise, same as above.
  • Sign Board:  Same as above
  • Options:  Pretty much the same as above.  The 030 letters might be fine with the "Hinge Handle one", but a larger hinge handle may want to be considered for this type of letter.
Gemini Letters Signs:  More options and individual letters can be purchased.
  • Gemini Letters:  Many options in fonts, colors and sizes.  More character choices and the ability to purchase individual letters.
  • Gemini Pronto Track:  There are a few options with this track.  Please call and we can explain more clearly.  There is a "better" and "best" option.  And, the track can be purchased so each row has 2 rows of track OR it can be "shared" track like described under the 030 track.
  • Sign Board:  Often, plywood is a good option.   With these type letters, many sign specific products can be used.  However, they are ALL more expensive then plywood.
  • Options:  The sign hinges could still be used.  These letters have a life time warranty.  As long as they are not lost, they can be replaced.  These letters are very thick and a patented product.  If looking for a GREAT letter without concern of price, these letters are a great option.
Magic Master Signs:  Get a custom sign, but also get an excellent sign stand as well!
  • Magic Master Letters:  These are the same letters used by the Swinger Curbside Message Boards, Springer Sidewalk Signs, Tip 'n Roll Changeable Signs, and the QLA Message System.   The packages come with Black Letters and Red Numbers on a white letter panel.  The letter sets are either 4 inch or 5 inch sets. (With the 4 inch letter sets, they also come on a black background) And, "deluxe" letter sets can also be purchased.  These sets provide "SALE" and "SPECIAL" in 8 or 10 inch sizes; they also include two of each number in the same size.  The 5 inch letter sets are also available in NEON colors. (Red, Pink, Yellow, Green & White[not neon])
  • Magic Master Track:  The track can be purchased in 2 foot, 3 foot or 4 foot lengths.  The track has an adhesive backing. 
  • Sign Board:    It works best when attached to coroplast.  The Magic Master signs come with the track attached to 10 mil coroplast.
  • Options: A very good option here is to buy the "Ready For Graphics" signs with the frame from Magic Master.  If the track and letters are bought separately, a custom sign can be designed where there is both a changeable AND a custom portion on the sign face.  
Black Letter Sign:  Dare passer-bys to miss your sign!
  • Black Sign Letters:  These letters are known for being fluorescent and eye-catching.  These letters are often sold to companies that want to screw them directly into the side of a building.  The standard sizes are:  8 inch, 10 inch, 16 inch, & 20 inch.  Other sizes are available upon request.  The colors include:  red, green, pink, yellow, orange & white.  (see above)  All of the letters come on black coroplast.  However, since their are over 10 colors of coroplast available, we can put complimentary colors on all of these various coroplast colors.
  • Black Sign Track:  On the smaller signs, you certainly want to use this.  The track would support the top and bottom of the letter.  On the bigger letters, the track can serve as a guideline to keep the letters straight.  Due to wind having a greater ability to pull the larger letters out of the track, often a screw is placed in the top left (or right) corner of the letter panel to hold the letter in place.
  • Sign Board:  Typically, this is a piece of plywood.  Because the black sign letters are SO eye-catching, often the letters are used along the side of the road to catch the attention of drivers.  Additionally, because the letters can be made in a variety of sizes, often the "custom" signs can be quite large.  
  • Options:  If you want to make a custom black sidewalk sign, the sign hinges above would work fine.
If there are additional questions on these letters OR any of there uses, please contact us!