Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Customizing A Black Sign

What ways can the Black Sign be customized?

I often receive calls from customer that want to create a "unique" sign.  They may be a rental company that wants a sign that can be uniquely their own.  Or, they want a sign that has the colors that are specific to their school/cause/company.  The hope of this posting is to help educate on what is available.  The posting below may apply to either our magnetic signs OR the black signs.  (Magnetic signs do NOT have track as an example)

Sign Stand:  Typically, the sign stands, if black, are just painted.  However, as request continue to come in for powder coating, we can certainly powder coat either the black or magnetic signs.  This would apply for the 4 ft X 6 ft or the 4 ft X 8 ft signs.  Because of the cost of powder coating, there is an additional charge for customizing the sign in this way.  The cost will be determined by the number of signs ordered.

Sign Faces/Panels:  Depending on customer needs, the sign face can match the size of the frame OR it can be a contrasting color.  The only issue is with the "standard" changeable letter sign.  The track used has been tested in both hot and cold environments.  And, this track only comes in black and white.  The white/black track can be mounted on the sign face -- whatever the color of the sign face.  Or, the sign track can be painted to match virtually any color that is necessary.  If the sign track is painted, the paint may chip off of the  sign letter track over time.  (The track issue does not apply to magnetic signs)

Letter Panels:  These are the panels that the vinyl letters are placed on  ALL of our letter panels are coropolast. (mostly 4 mil)  Coroplast comes in a variety of standard colors.  (Black, white, yellow, brown, red, light blue, dark blue, purple, and a few others)  If a customer wants a letter panel that is NOT a standard color.  The coroplast can be painted.  But, as noted with the letter track, chipping of the paint can occur over time.  (This is not an issue for magnetic signs--the magnetic signs come without a letter panel)

Letter Colors:  The color of the letters in only limited by the color of available vinyl colors out there.  The success of the black signs has been due to the bright fluorescent colors available.  (i.e. neon yellow, neon green, neon red, neon green, & neon orange)  The benefit of the neon colors is that they have been testing for a number of years.  Other colors will certainly work, but extreme weather conditions may fade the letters more quickly than the neon colors.  If the sign face is not black, the sign will not absorb as much heat.  Without the heat, other letter colors should still get very good wear.

Letter Sizes:   On the larger signs, there are standard sizes.  Typically, customers will get letters on 8 in panels (the actual height in 7 7/8 inches).  If larger letters are wanted, the 16 letters will fit in the same track configuration.  Also, a 10 inch letter can be used with 20 inch letters on the same track configuration.  If using magnetic signs, sign track is not an issue.  Letters can be any size the customer needs, but the larger the letters, the easier to read.  Usually 11 inch letters are used with 5.5 inch letters for the magnetic signs.

Special Black Sign Letter Characters:  These do not get much attention, but they can certainly add "eye-grabbing" value.  If you don't see one you want, let us know and we can design one for you.  Arrows are also available in a number of sizes.  Sometimes the sign is not as close to your business as you would like, and the arrow tells your customers where to look.

Of course, we welcome any of your comments or questions.  Please contact us!

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