Saturday, August 25, 2012

Options for Velcro Changeable Banner

Often I hear customers say how they often print banners and only use them once.  Once the event is completed, the banner is thrown away.  The obvious answer to sending these banners to an early death is a reusable banner.  We did not develop the first reusable banner, but we certainly believe our velcro changeable banner has some advantages over some of the other options out there.

  • Banner Backing:  Our banner is a FULL sheet of velcro.  There are NOT strips of velcro attached to the  banner.  The use of a full sheet allows the letters to be attached in whatever way the banner own wants.  The letters can be placed at an angle or straight across.  One disadvantage to this type of banner is if it is in an outdoor situation where it is excessively wet, it may be difficult for the banner backing to dry out.  We have not tested this extensively, but the full using of full sheet of banner backing certainly makes this more realistic than it would be if the velcro was attached in strips.  And, if this is the best option for a customer, we can also supply this other type of changeable banner.
  • Banner Colors:  Some of the other changeable banner products have only limited color choices.  Our changeable banner can come in the following:  White, Black, Chrome Blue, Dark Green, Navy Blue, Purple, & Red.  The black and white are the most popular.  And, the black velcro changeable banners REALLY standouts when the neon letters are used.
  • Letter Colors:  Each velcro changeable banner comes with a letter set.  Each letter in the letter set in has a backing.  And, for our custom banner, we use coroplast.  (see example of see below)  Since we use this backing, we can really do almost any color of letters.  As mentioned above, the black letters really show up well with the fluorescent letters.  Different colors of coroplast work well with different colors of vinyl.  (All of our letters are made of colored vinyl)  [See other examples]  Each set of letters consists of 110 letters/numbers/symbols.  
  • Banner Sizes:  Although the most commonly sold sizes are about 3 ft tall, the backing material allows the changeable banners to be as tall as 5 feet tall.  
  • Letter Sizes:  Although nearly any size is available, most of the letters are 8 inch letters.  For smaller banners, the letters may be 4 inch.  The big issue is making sure that the letters are not so small that they cannot be seen by the intended audience.
This is just a summary of some of the options available for a custom velcro banner.  Please contact us to find out what we can specifically do for your banner.

Black velcro banner with changeable letters

Black coroplast with neon letters

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