Monday, December 31, 2012

Outdoor Battery OPEN Sign -- First Look

I have had many requests for the outdoor battery-powered LED "OPEN" sign, and the my demo unit has finally arrived.  The video highlights the likely features of the final product.

What this sign is NOT:

  • It is not a programmable sign.  It is ONLY an "open" sign.  If the sign becomes popular, additional sign text might become available.
  • Unless modified, the "OPEN" will not be lit 24 hours of the day.  
What the sign is:
  • It is either a battery operated or solar powered LED "OPEN" sign.  The number of hours the sign will be lit per day will depend on the size of the battery pack and the ability of the solar panels to charge the batteries in your area.
  • It is a FULLY outdoor LED sign.  The battery pack can be easily disconnected from the sign and charged for use on the next day.  And, if the solar panel is used, the battery pack can be disconnected for charging from a wall outlet OR it can be entirely charged by the solar panel.
Questions on this product?  Please contact us.  When the product and pricing are released, updates will follow.

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