Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Magic Master Product Line is Flexible

The Magic Master family of signs continues to be the most innovative resource to meet your sidewalk sign needs!

In addition to the Rolling Swinger sign (same great Swinger but a handle and wheels to easily roll), Magic Master also offers the regular Swinger, the Springer, the Tip ‘n Roll, the Roadside Swinger and  the QLA (Quick Loading A-Frame).

After you make your purchase, you are not “locked” a particular sign type.  If you want to buy another sign frame in the Magic Master family the letters and possibly the sign face are interchangeable.  And, if you want a different type of sign face, the sign face can be easily converted to turn a Swinger Changeable sign into a Swinger WOWO sign.  (Or any other combination with a sign frame family)

Did this post cause any confusion?  Please contact us, and we will be glad to try and explain all of the options to you.

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