Friday, September 13, 2013

Gordon Biersch Uses Pronto Gemini Letters

Pronto Gemini letters are used by many businesses out there.  But, when SignsSeen sells them some of their letters AND they provide a picture, we just HAVE to put it up for all to see.

Pronto letters are guaranteed!  If your business is looking for a long lasting, durable set of outdoor letters, you really need to consider Pronto letters for a variety of reason:

  1. Easy to order individual letters
  2. Available in a variety of fonts
  3. Available in a variety of colors
  4. Sign track readily available in all sizes.
More questions on Gemini Pronto letters, contact us!

Friday, July 19, 2013

No Longer Accepting American Express on SignsSeen

Due to changes with how Amex purchases work when completed on SignsSeen, we have stopped accepting American Express as payment on our website.  This was discovered when we refunded a recent AMEX purchase.  PayPal kept ALL of their fees....usually they add the fees for the transaction back in when the refund takes place.

I would much rather provide a refund then ship a product the customer will not be happy with.  But, as in this case, if a refund causes me to lose an additional 3%, then it is a form of payment I will no longer accept on the websites.

Should you need to pay with American Express, we can accept payment over the phone.

Thanks for the understanding.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yard-Plunk With Room for Improvement

It started as my wife wanting to have this as a yard game for my son's graduation.  And, now that the prototypes have been build, we are trying to figure out if this is something that can be made to sell.

Does it look like it has potential?  Would you play it?  Any suggestions?

Look forward to hearing your comments.  Contact us.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Signicade Signs Now Available in Many New Colors

Many of you have used the signicade signs at your church or business or school.  And, maybe the colors available were not exactly what you wanted.  Well, that will no longer be a problem.  The new colors give you new branding options!  And, if you haven't used Signicades before, here are some of their features:

  • All plastic sign frame that holds two signs, 24" x 36"
  • Sign face can receive vinyl sheeting (with surface preparation), metal, Coroplast™, or acrylic sign blanks
  • Recessed sign area helps to protect sign faces
  • Can weight internally with up to 10 lbs. of sand (5 lbs. per side)

  • Molded-in handle for easy portability

  • Although this is not an item stocked by SignsSeen, SignsSeen would be happy to help you with pricing where the manufacturer will ship directly to you.  If interested, contact us!

    Tuesday, May 21, 2013

    Black Signs Can Be Accessorized

    We believe the black signs with a variety of fluorescent neon letters is a great eye catcher.  But, if you want more, here are some ideas that can be added at the time of purchase OR we can add to your new sign.

    • Attach a Flag holder:  This will allow an "OPEN" sign to be placed off of the sign stand.  Customers would know you are open for business when the flag is in place.  Don't want to use an "open" flag?  There are many inexpensive flags that can be used to draw extra attention to your Black sign.
    • Attach a "spinner" on top of the sign:  I don't offer a "good" spinner right now.  In the past, these type of sign accessories have been attached to the metal along the sides of the sign.  Does someone have a spinner they would like to have marketed with our Black Signs?
    • Mount a banner between two signs:  The metal side supports could easily allow a rod to be placed on the edge of the sign face.  Once the banner is attached, the second sign could be placed at the other end of the banner where a rod would also be attached.
    • Use Black Sign rainbow burst or some other uniquely designed fluorescent vinyl arrangement:  Besides the existing rainbow burst we already sell, we are happy to provide the vinyl pieces directly to our customers.  They can design their attractive, eye-catching "bookends" for any word or phrase they want highlighted.  If a customer has scrapbook punches, we can provide pieces of our neon vinyl to make unique shapes and designs.
    Do you want a black sign with some other accessory?  Contact us and we will help!

    Monday, April 15, 2013

    Custom LED OPEN Sign with Battery Power

    We are very excited to now make available a non-electric LED OPEN sign.  This sign is often requested, but until now a battery powered OPEN LED sign was not available on our websites.

    There are some definite advantages to this product!
    • These signs use up to 50% less power and take less maintenance than neon signs!
    • The signs have a great look with no distorted letters like with neon.
    • Easy to move and easy to mount--neon signs can't offer this!
    • One of the biggest benefits of LEDs is that they are longer laster than neon.
    • There a multiple combinations of dimming and animation to keep the sign visually interesting.
    • Need to change your LED sign message?  No problem.  The previously purchased letters can be used with new letters to spell new LED messages!!
    Could your business benefit from one of these signs?  Please contact us so we can price one up for you!

    Monday, March 4, 2013

    Black Sign Track Is In the Warehouse

    As we continue to sell quite a few 4' x 6' and 4' x 8' Black Signs, we go through quite a bit of track.  And, when the manufacture decides to stop stocking the track, you do what any company will do that is committed to taking care of its customers--you buy enough cases so the manufacturer makes you some more!

    As the track started to run out the end of January, we knew we needed to restock.  When "Plan A"  (aka Buy from Original Manufacturer) didn't work out, we tried to find another company (Plan B) that could provided the same quality product.  Unfortunately, it was not out there.  We even considered switching to aluminum track.  When Plan B started looking hopeless, we revisited Plan A with a little less tactfulness.  And, although we had to buy 188 boxes of track, we are now stocked and ready for all do it yourselfers or Black Sign rental companies to call and place your order.

    Any questions on Black Signs or any other sign items?  Contact us!

    Monday, February 11, 2013

    QLA Sidewalk Sign in The News

    Not only is the QLA a great sidewalk sign for your business, but sometimes it gets to provide "good" news.  The above sign was "happy" to welcome a young boy back home.  Could the QLA sidewalk sign allow your business to grow OR provide community messages?  Contact us!

    Tuesday, January 29, 2013

    Special Characters for Black Signs

    On this sign, we created the small "99" and the "1.75 ltr" for the customer. This customer bought 4 signs, so we were happy to do the extra characters. BUT, even if you don't buy 4 signs, please contact us about special characters that might help your sign be more efficient.

    Wednesday, January 23, 2013

    Are Your Sign Letters Snapping?

    A customer called us yesterday complaining she was on her third box of letters over the past couple of months.  We hated to hear of her problem, but a few questions and an awareness of the recent temperatures provided a possible answer.

    The sidewalk portable sign was not originally purchased from SignsSeen.  However, after the 3rd set of letters was ordered yesterday, we started weighing what factors might be having an influence:

    • She is storing the letters outside
    • It has been very cold lately
    • The letters are made of a plastic that becomes weaker in cold temperatures.
    We are not positive we found the answer--we will only know for sure after she gets the new letters and takes the necessary precautions.  Whatever your problem, please contact us and we will try and help you solve your problems as well!!

    Sunday, January 13, 2013

    Custom Window Signs Done by SignsSeen

    If you happen to be local (DFW area), please contact SignsSeen.  We would be glad to help you with your custom sign needs!

    In this window display, we have cut the customers custom message AND installed.  The window is approximately 106 inches by 65 inches.  The top line is about 96 inches wide with 22 inch tall letters.