Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sign Link Works on Bikes, Too!

SignsSeen has included the Sign Link products on our website for many years.  And, sold them to a wide group of companies and/or groups who have used the Sign Link on fences:
  • PTAs have bought them to hang banners up on fences
  • Industrial companies have purchased them for the hanging of signs
  • A whole bunch of miscellaneous users of 8 or 16 Sign Link with no purpose disclosed.
However, this customer is the first one I have seen use them on bicycles baskets. The message on the baskets doesn’t matter if the message does stay attached.  This customer counts on Sign Link to get it done!

If you are interested in Sign Link, contact us!

Not What You Want Your Black Sign Rental To Look Like

One of our Midwestern rental customers who frequently buys lots of letters from us sent this picture over.  Certainly, this sign does provide a message, but we don’t believe it makes the business look as professional as it could.
At SignsSeen, we provide you better quality letters by:
  1. Using vinyl that has been tested to perform in extreme conditions.  The cost of our fluorescent vinyl is 2 to 3 times what regular vinyl cost.
  2. Cutting our letters on a plotter.  (It works with our computers and cuts the letters consistently every time.) The above sign letters appear to be irregular and likely cut by hand.
  3. If you buy signs from us directly, we build them using metal frames.  This sign is made entirely from wood.

If you need Black Sign letters OR a sign, contact us.  Or, if you are looking for rentals in different parts of the country, let us know.  We will try and put you in touch with one of the rental companies we work with in your area.

Originally posted on my other blog 10/7/13.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Customer Loves Her Magnet Sign

Just received a nice note and picture from a customer who bought a 4' x 8' Magnet Sign.  The customer stated, "Loving it."  And, why shouldn't she?

Her sign:

  • is powdered coated with a very smooth finish (Powder coating costs more, but it is what this customer wanted.)
  • has right fluorescent, neon letters
  • has a wide base so it can survive quite a bit of wind
Also, in the middle right of the picture, you can see a Roadside Swinger sign.  The magnet sign provides eye catching color that the Roadside Swinger could not deliver.  (Of course, winter makes a white face a little harder to see.)

If interested in either of these signs or any of the other signs we carry, please contact us at sales@signsseen.com!