Saturday, January 18, 2014

Customer Loves Her Magnet Sign

Just received a nice note and picture from a customer who bought a 4' x 8' Magnet Sign.  The customer stated, "Loving it."  And, why shouldn't she?

Her sign:

  • is powdered coated with a very smooth finish (Powder coating costs more, but it is what this customer wanted.)
  • has right fluorescent, neon letters
  • has a wide base so it can survive quite a bit of wind
Also, in the middle right of the picture, you can see a Roadside Swinger sign.  The magnet sign provides eye catching color that the Roadside Swinger could not deliver.  (Of course, winter makes a white face a little harder to see.)

If interested in either of these signs or any of the other signs we carry, please contact us at!

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